How i keep my makeup brushes clean.

Hello everyone and welcome back another beauty topic.

So today i will be sharing with you how i clean and store my makeup brushes and sponges. I wash my brushes and sponges the same day they are used. Haha i know most of you might think that is a bit excessive, but i just cant stand using a dirty makeup brush/sponge. I feel that once i use it and put it down on the side, it accumulates bacteria or dirt. 

Instead of buying makeup brush cleaners that are so expensive, why not use something that is cheap and cleans your brushes properly while disinfecting them. This lovely item is Dettol soap.img_0951

This is an anti-bacterial bar soap that can be found in most supermarkets or drug stores. It can be used to wash your face and body. but i mainly use it for my face and makeup brushes/sponges. It cleans your brushes properly and removes all traces off makeup from them. 

The following steps are how i wash my brushes/sponges;

Get your used makeup brushes/sponges
Soak them in clean warm water

Get your bar of soap out

Now swirl the brush/sponge around on the soap until it has lathered up. then continue swirling the brush around on your palm, while applying light pressure.

Watch the video below to see how i wash them.

After giving your brushes a good wash, they come out good as new. I like to store all my clean brushes together in one bag. that way they do not come in contact with other makeup products.

Store your dry makeup brushes away in a makeup bag

There you have it, clean fresh makeup tools for the next use. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and please let me know in the comment section how many times you wash your own makeup brushes and sponges. 

Thanks for reading!

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Have a lovely day.

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