Steaming your hair for maximum hydration ft natural hair.

Hello beautiful people 👋🌹

I’m here today with a frequently spoken about topic between I and my friends/readers. Hair steaming.

Steaming the hair uses moist heat to lift the cuticle of your hair strands, allowing your protein treatment, oil, deep conditioner, to penetrate deeply into the shaft & thereby reducing breakage and rejuvenating damaged hair.

I like to steam my hair at least once a month as this helps lock in moisture and prevents breakage. 

*I would recommend steaming your hair at least once a month because if you do it once a week, you might just over moisturize your strands and leave them limp and prone to damage.*

Keep reading to see how i get from this hot mess to having juicy moisturized curls.

How to steam your hair. 

You will need;

  • A steamer. This is my new steamer and i absolutely love an prefer this to my table top steamer.


  • Protein treatment or deep conditioner or oil (eg. Castor).


I love using the ORS hair mayonnaise to steam my hair as it makes it feel soft and after steaming, my curls appear more defined 😃. It is also a protein treatment and it smells good.

Preparing to steam.

  • Detangle & wash your hair first. I’ll be washing my hair with the ORS olive oil creamy aloe shampoo and replenishing conditioner.


  • Apply the product you are using to steam your hair until it is all distributed. I always use the ORS hair mayonnaise. I twisted my hair for steaming.



You might want to get a towel to place over your shoulders because the water might drip on you.

DO NOT wear a cap to steam your hair. Why you ask, because it’s pointless. You want the steam to penetrate through your hair and not just heat up the cap lol.

  • Wait for the steamer to heat up.
  • Steam hair for 15 to 25 minutes. I usually do mine for 20 but sometimes I extend to 25.


After steaming. 

  • Wait for your hair to cool down a bit and hop in the shower and rinse the product out. I rinsed my hair with the twists still in. 


Here i unraveled the twists and you can see that my hair looks moisturised, defined and soft.


  • Then apply your hair cream/lotion.

I went ahead to put my hair in single twists so it can stretch my hair out and air dry quicker.

And you’re done.

I hope this helps you. 

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Let me know how often you steam your hair if you do.

Have a lovely day and I will see you next time 💚.


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