Current wash day routine.

Hello beautiful people 👋.

So I have changed a few steps to my former wash day routine and this process seems to work way better. I also started washing my hair once a week. Because when its not in a protective style, i have to detangle it then wash and that takes a while so i’d rather do it once a week.


  • I start by dividing my hair into 4 sections and clipping them away.


  • Working with one section, divide that into little sections as you detangle

  • I now use olive oil (yep the one in your kitchen) to detangle my hair as opposed to conditioner. This defines my curls and the detangling process is pretty quick.
  • I also begin finger detangling and then when I’m sure all the knots are out, i clip my hair up or  I detangle and put the detangled sections in twists.


My favourite shampoo and conditioner at the moment are the ORS olive oil aloe shampoo and replenishing conditioner. Good lord it is so good. It lathers quickly and really washes out any build up and the conditioner is just divine + it smells like oranges 🍊😊 mmmmm.

  • I unravel each section and wash with the shampoo, focusing mainly on my scalp and letting it run down the rest of my hair, and after rinsing it out I clip it up. Repeat for the rest of your hair.


  • Then I go in with conditioner and twist my hair back in sections or clip away the sections.


  • I then rinse my hair with the twists still in or i just un-clip one section and rinse the product out.
  • Finish with cold water to seal in moisture.


  • I then go into each twisted section with my current favorite which is the ORS hair repair intense moisture creme and ORS monoi oil anti breakage leave in conditioning creme. 
  • Then I just let my hair air dry in twists and then take them out once it’s dry. 

This method gives me the most curl definition for my hair texture, so if your hair texture is similar to mine it should definitely work for you too. But if it isn’t you can still definetly try this method and it’ll still give you curl definition.

I hope this helps you.

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Do have a lovely day and I will see you next time 💛.

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