Velvet turbans|A simple way to protect your hair and look chic.💁🏽

Hello friends, I hope you are all doing well!

Now if you’re anything like me and you don’t like dealing with your hair on a day to day basis, then this is definitely for you.

Recently, I’ve been into the head-wrap / turban fashion, and I’ve incorporated these items into my daily life. These turbans come in various colours and luckily for me, my mother sells them in her clothing shop. So it’s easy for me to buy them. These turbans come in different styles:

1) the turban with two tails & is bigger (NGN 3500).

2) the turban with one tail & is smaller (NGN 2500).

I currently have my hair in single braids and so, tying head-wraps and scarves has become easier and my favourite thing.

Below are different ways you can style a velvet turban, enjoy!

  • Simply place the turban on your head and with a twisting motion, make a low bun at the back of your head.
  • Wear turban and make a huge bun at the top of your head


  • Take a small fabric (could be a t shirt/top), and make it into a donut or circle. Place this inside your turban and wear the turban. Begin wrapping the tail of the turban around that makeshift bun in your turban and secure it. This works best with the smaller turban to make it look fuller.
  • Wrap tail around continuously and secure.
  • Wear turban and twist both tails around your head and secure into a fold.

And there you have it, quick, easy, pretty styles you can rock any day, anywhere.

Hope you enjoyed this post

Have a great week and i will see you next time.

If you wish to purchase turbans of various colours and you live in Abuja, Nigeria, please visit my mum’s shop at;

Vee’s boutique 

Shop number 135

Naowa shopping complex, Asokoro, Abuja. (Near children’s park and zoo) 

Or email me at – 

Thank you. 

My Ulta and Sephora haul contd. 

Hello friends, welcome to the continuation of my previous post ” My Ulta and Sephora haul” click here if you haven’t checked it out yet 💚.

This post unlike the previous one contains slightly cheaper products but still of beautiful quality.

My Ulta haul;

  • Buxom eye shadow in the shade ‘IT Crowd’ ($12): ok so prior to purchasing this product I had never heard of it, but I’m glad I discovered it. This eye shadow is so pigmented and beautiful it makes my heart melt, ha ha. It’s a nice orange shimmery colour and I cannot wait to create a look with this.
  • NYX prismatic shadows in the shade ‘Glided doré’ or ps22 ($5.99): first off the packaging is so cute. It’s got a little bow where you open it from. Onto the shadow, it is a beautiful gold shade. Nice and pigmented too (yes I say pigmented a lot because I don’t like going for eyeshadow that won’t pop) haha. 
  • NYX Dewy and Matte finish setting sprays ($7.99 each): I got the matte finish for the summer and the dewy finish for the winter.people I kid you not when I say that the matte finish (which is the one I’ve used so far out of the two) is way better that the Urban decay All nighter setting spray. This baby held my makeup on for at least 7 hours (because I took my makeup off after the 7th hour. I won’t be surprised if it lasts longer. Can’t wait to try out the dewy finish during the winter.
  • NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade 02 ($5.99): it’s a lovely nude colour and smells nice.


  • LÓRÉAL Paris Infalliable pro-glow foundation in the shades ‘209 (caramel beige) & 210 (classic tan)’ ($12.99 each): I got these two shades because mixing both of them will give me a perfect match, and I can always use the lighter one in the winter or the darker one when I get a massive tan. Plus it’s got SPF 15, sweet.
top – 209 bottom – 210
  • NYX liquid suede cream lipstick ($6.99): I got it in the shade ‘Alien’ or 24. It’s a black shade with a tint of blue 🖤😍 and I can’t wait to use it. 


  • NYX White liquid liner ($6.99): My search for a white eyeliner has ended. I love the NYX liquid liners and did not hesitate to grad this white liner. Makeup looks coming soon 😜🤡.


Hope you enjoyed this post. 

Have a lovely day and I will see you next time 👋🏼

My Ulta and Sephora haul 

Hello friends, so sorry I’ve been away for a while now but yaayy i’m back.

PS. because of how long this post will be, i have divided it into two parts. So please do click HERE (after you’re done with this post ;))to go to the second part which is the Ulta haul. Thank you.

So i recently went to Maryland in the united states of america for my cousins wedding/holiday and i had a swell time shopping and sightseeing and spending time with my relatives.

Now as most of you know, i live in both Nigeria and England, and unfortunately there are no Ulta and Sephora stores in these places, which means that some of the products are not available in these countries but are available in America. This is why i decided to pay a visit to these two makeup/beauty stores. I also learnt very quickly which store had more affordable products vs more expensive products.

My trip to Sephora.

On social media, i have heard a lot of people bash Sephora employees for their lack of customer service and their attitude, but this was not what i experienced. In fact, people were quick to help me make decisions and took their time out to help me.

Now onto the products i bought;

  • Laura mercier deluxe mini translucent loose setting powder ($23): I got the mini version because it was my first time trying it and it just seemed reasonable that i start off with a smaller size. It also came with a mini velour puff. Now i tried this product for the first time on my cousins wedding and i and not kidding when i say all the pictures that were taken came out great. There were no flash backs and it held my makeup in place. So yea i’m glad i got this.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eye-shadow palette ($42): After seeing how beautiful this palette was on Instagram and YouTube videos, I just had to try it. Safe to say it was a win. Lovely shades and they are pigmented. One word ‘LOVE’.
  • Glam Glow supermud clearing treatment (mini version) ($22): people when I tell you that this product definitely lives up to its expectation I’m being very honest. It cleaned out my pores from just the first use. I have used it on 2 more occasions and will continue to use it when I feel my face needs a deep cleanse.
  • Glam Glow gravity firming treatment (mini version) ($22): now well I am very indifferent about this product. I don’t like how it’s a peel off mask but can’t really peel off evenly. Like it peels of in patches. I ended up washing the residue with warm water and didn’t really see any difference on my face. I’ll probably have to reluctantly try this again to see if it will by some miracle work. Will rate this a 6/10.
  • Sephora pro airbrush perfector #51 ($34): I’ll probably use this for applying my highlighter or for contouring. The bristles are nice and soft though.
  • NARS Radiant creamy concealer ($30): I got this in the shade medium/dark 2 caramel.
  • Benefit KA Brow cream-gel brow colour ($24): I love this product as it comes with an angled brush for precise application. I got the brown shade or #5.
  • Too Faced love light prismatic highlighter ($30): this product is so gorgeous 😍, from the packaging to the texture of the highlighter. It is buidable and will give you that perfect glow. I got mine in the shade 💛 you light up my life 💛. 


 Hope you enjoyed this post. Click My Ulta and Sephora haul contd.  to check out the continuation.

Have a lovely day and I will see you next time 👋🏼

Want to make your highlight or eyeshadow pop? Then try this

Hello everyone hope you’re all doing well 😃.

Today i will be sharing with you a very effective tip/product to make your eye shadow or powder highlighter standout. 

This product is the Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Fixing Spray. It is a light weight setting spray that dries quickly and lasts for the majority of the day. Now i have always used it for my shimmery eye shadows but i recently started using it for my highlighters too and i just love it. 


To use for eye shadow or highlighter, i simply spray a little bit on the brush i’m using to apply the particular makeup, pat or rub the wet brush on the eye shadow or highlighter and apply to my face.

  • MUA undress your skin shimmer highlighter in the shade ‘Golden Afterglow: This drugstores brand of highlighters are so good and the price is just right. It retails for GBP 3.00 (USD 3.88 , NGN: 1219.98). This highlighter goes so well with the pro fix spray. It defines it and makes it stay put. 
  • MUA undress your skin shimmer highlighter in the shade ‘Radiant Cashmere:  With this highlighter, there was not much difference when swatched on its own and with pro fix. So this one doesn’t really need pro fix to help it pop, but pro fix can still be used to make it last longer. This product retails for GBP 3.00 (USD 3.88 , NGN: 1219.98). 
  • Uberchic ville pressed glitter in the shade ‘Jade: This beautiful pressed glitter retails for NGN 714 (USD: $2.85, GBP: £1.74). When used on the eyelid it looks so good and a little definitely goes a long way. Now below is a comparison of the pressed glitter with and without the pro fix makeup spray. Well as you can see, it looked way better before adding it to the pro fix. So this product can be used on its own without the use of any adhesive or defining factor such as the pro fix.

 Links to the products listed; 

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Fixing Spray

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlight Powder – Golden Afterglow

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder – Radiant Cashmere

Jade Pressed

Hope this helps you.

See you next time and have a lovely week 💛👋.

How to maintain healthy skin

Hey 👋 people 😃

This is the second part to my daytime skin care routine. So if you haven’t checked it out click here

Ok so I thought it would be best to split this topic into 2 posts so you don’t get bored reading just one LONG article 😅.

Here i will be talking about the various aspects of having great skin.

  • Water: this is the BEST thing to consume when it comes to personal well-being. You will see a difference in your skin hair and nails when you drink a lot of water.


  • Fizzy drinks: Ok so it’s most likely been 2 years now since I stopped drinking Coca-Cola. And it has been one of my best decisions ever. Even cutting out fanta or sprite, basically any soft drink, has shown on my skin. I no longer get any breakouts unless it’s that time of the month. 


  • Vegetables: I started eating more vegetables and fruits to cleanse my system of any impurities that would reflect badly on my skin. Vegetables are your friends 😆. 

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My Daytime skin care routine.

Hello people 👋

Hope you all are having a great eventful week. 

I just thought i’d share what sticking to a routine can do for you. Whether it be a morning or night or work routine, if you maintain what works for you, you wont regret it. 

Throughout my teenage years i never really had acne, maybe i would occasionally get 1 or 2 bumps in a month, but that was it. 

Then it hit like a train from no where when i turned 22. My face was covered in soooo many spots and they were all red and everywhere, ahhh it was a depressing moment for me 😭.


I started wearing makeup 👻, looking for all sorts of acne removal products, trying all sorts of “natural” remedies on my face. But sadly, nothing could hide it or take it away 😔. 

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Review of the mattifying shine control papers. 

Hello everyone 😃.

So today I will share with you all my thoughts on this blotting paper I bought from superdrug


Ok so this is the deep action mattifying shine control papers and it is used to;

  • Absorb excess oil and,
  • It gives you an instant matte finish.

Basically it has a translucent matte powder on one side of it and the other side is plain.


I decided to try this shine control paper because I have oily skin and if I don’t set my foundation with powder, I tend to get really oily throughout the day.

How to use it.

  • I simply tore out a sheet of the shine control paper (be careful as it doesn’t rip neatly).


  • It definitely soaked up a lot of oil as can be seen above.
  • Pressed the part that has the translucent powder on my oily areas (T-zone).


  • The result was it definitely did reduce the amount of shine my face had and it didn’t move/ruin my makeup.
  • It felt very smooth on my face.
  • It is affordable


  • It doesn’t have a perforated line on each paper which makes tearing out hard and messy.
  • It left some traces of translucent powder on my nose (but I dusted it off and it blended in).

I will definitely continue to use it because it did reduce my oiliness and it came with probably 100 sheets in it. I do recommend this for people who have oily skin.

I hope you found this useful.

Do have a great week 😊😃.

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7 affordable (long lasting) matte liquid lipsticks 💄

Hey people 👋, hope you’re all doing well!

I just had to share this because a lot of people comment on my lipsticks 😍 and want to get them. So i hope you all enjoy this and get yours too.

Quick tip: before I apply any of these lipsticks, I rub some lip balm or Vaseline on my lips to prevent it from drying out.

Lets get to it then!

  • Sleek Matte Me lip cream in ‘Vino Tinto’ (£4.99):


  • Sleek Matte Me lip cream in ‘Fired Up’ (£4.99):


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Beauty Bay Haul

So recently, i decided to treat myself to some new products and i absolutely scored. These products are so good and i love them all. I’ll probably create some looks with these products soon.

1. Let’s start off with my favourite purchase 😃😍. The LA Splash smitten lip tint mousse (£9.95 each). I got 2 of these in spellbound and Deadly nightshade. Spellbound is dark brown and feels velvety.  It dries in a matte finish and it is a bit hard to get off. Deadly nightshade is a dark blue and I’m in love with it. I love both to be honest. I managed to get it off using coconut oil and a cotton pad. I’m definitely going to buy more shades from this range as i love them.

2. Kera care protein styling gel (£3.25) and Kera care edge tamer (£7.95): I bought the 115g of the styling gel and i have to say that it is a wonderful product. I used it to coil my hair and it didn’t dry hard or leave flakes afterwards like the ecostyler gel does. It does add shine to your hair and makes it smell nice.

The edge tamer gel is divine. It makes your edges silky smooth and straight. It doesn’t seem to last all day though, but lets take into consideration that i cycle almost everywhere, so when i sweat it loosens it. I will definitely go for this over the ecostlyer gel as it does not flake on me.

3. L.A. Girl pro coverage HD long wear illuminating liquid foundation (£9.00): I bought the shade bronze. I love this range because they cater to darker skin tones. It is full coverage but tends to get oily after some hours. So i would recommend you set this foundation with a good setting powder or spray. It is a bit darker than my skin tone so i mix it wit my Milani foundation in Tan, to get my exact shade. Plus i love that it comes with a pump as i can minimize how much product i use. Definitely a win in my book. Continue reading Beauty Bay Haul

How i keep my makeup brushes clean.

Hello everyone and welcome back another beauty topic.

So today i will be sharing with you how i clean and store my makeup brushes and sponges. I wash my brushes and sponges the same day they are used. Haha i know most of you might think that is a bit excessive, but i just cant stand using a dirty makeup brush/sponge. I feel that once i use it and put it down on the side, it accumulates bacteria or dirt. 

Instead of buying makeup brush cleaners that are so expensive, why not use something that is cheap and cleans your brushes properly while disinfecting them. This lovely item is Dettol soap.img_0951

This is an anti-bacterial bar soap that can be found in most supermarkets or drug stores. It can be used to wash your face and body. but i mainly use it for my face and makeup brushes/sponges. It cleans your brushes properly and removes all traces off makeup from them. 

The following steps are how i wash my brushes/sponges;

Get your used makeup brushes/sponges
Soak them in clean warm water

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